End of Lease Pest Control

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End of Lease Pest Control / Fumigation

Is your lease soon going to end? The whole process of moving out of a rental property is tiresome. There are multiple tasks that you need to complete before you hand over the keys back to the landlord.

In addition to packing all your belongings, settling the bills and cleaning the property, you also require to make your property pest-free. These can make your moving out even more difficult.

While you focus on other tasks, technicians from Hire Us 4 Pest Control Services take care of end of lease pest control.

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Hire Us 4 Pest Control is an Australian owned and operated pest control company. We specialise in professional, cost-effective and reliable end of lease pest control services across Melbourne. Whether you are moving out of your residence or shifting to a new office, we offer extensive and intensive end of lease pest control solutions.

Why Should You Call For The End of Lease Before You Hand Over the Keys to the Landlord?

  • Even the most immaculate tenants can sometimes unknowingly set off a pest infestation. No matter how regularly you clean the space, the accumulation of dirt, dust and food crumbs during the course of stay can attract a variety of pests like ants, rodents and more.
  • These creepy creatures aren’t just nuisance, but also pose a serious health hazard for the next occupant. In addition, moths are infamous for feeding and thriving on household things like expensive clothes, wood or paper causing immense damage.
  • Moreover, if you have a pet like a dog, cat or guinea pig, your home might get infested with fleas. It’s important to get your property treated before you move out to remove the infestation.
  • Above all this, rental agreements in Australia require the tenants to treat the property before they move out. If you fail to do so can lead to confiscation of your bond. Therefore, it is important to get end of lease pest control right before you vacate the property.

Why Call Hire Us 4 Pest Control for End of Lease Pest Control & Fumigation?

We possess years of experience in the industry and offer supreme quality end of lease pest control services for all kinds of pests. Using non-toxic insecticides and modern tools, we eliminate pesky parasites out from even the minute crevices in your home.

Our Result-Oriented Pest Control Removal Service Involves:

  • Rigorous survey of your property and preparing a detailed report.
  • Chalking out and implementing customised treatment plans for various kinds of pests.
  • Carry out pet-friendly, safe and effective treatment for your property including the interiors and exteriors.
  • Special attention given to crevices, roof voids and sub-floors, where the pests and rodents are generally nest.

Our Comprehensive Treatment Plan Consists of:

  • Cockroach Control
  • Flea Control
  • Ant Control
  • Rodent Control
  • Silverfish Control

Why Call Hire Us 4 Pest Control Services for End of Lease Treatment Solutions?

  • Our end of lease cleaning services are highly affordable and will not burn a hole in your pocket.
  • Our end of lease starts from as low as $100!
  • We use approved and non-toxic pest control products that are safe for kids and pets.
  • A team of fully insured, certified and trained professional exterminators.
  • Highly qualified experts are trained to handle any kind of infestations, regardless of its extent and nature.
  • Exceptional and affordable services to offer complete value for your money.

Our end of lease starts from as low as $99.00

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