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    Silverfish move easily and are great climbers. They can live without food or water for weeks, but need a 70 to 90% elevated humidity environment. Silverfish prefer (70-85 degrees F/21-29 degrees C) room temperature regions. They are nocturnal and during the day they tend to hide or rest in close cracks or crevices.

    Silverfish are known to infest commercial structures such as offices, shops and libraries. Through cardboard cartons of books and papers from an infested area, they are often introduced into buildings. When looking for food, they can wander quite some distance, but once they find a satisfactory food source, they stay close to it. They can breed in a number of areas inside buildings, including wall voids, in / under the subfloors, attics, etc.

    What do they eat?

    Silverfish usually feed on paper, glue, apparel and food products, such as flour and rolled oats. They prefer proteins to carbohydrates and are cannibalistic, like dried beef and dead or wounded of their species, their favourite protein meals.

    Silverfish Can be Found Around Your Premises Areas Like

    • Bedroom
    • Livingroom
    • Bathroom
    • Attics
    • Basement
    • Garages
    • Cartoons

    Signs of silverfish infestation

    • Paper damage: Since silverfish are paper eaters, a definite tell-tale sign of their presence in your home is finding damage on paper or cardboard items. Whether we’re talking storage boxes, wallpaper, or books – this little hellspawn might be involved. Pay close attention to food containers filled with starchy carbs. If something is eating away at your cereal box, you probably have a silverfish infestation.
    • Shed Skin: Silverfish shed their skin throughout their life cycle. These outer shells are small and delicate, but with proper examination, they can be another important clue to a possible infestation.
    • Yellow stains or Dust: If you do not notice the actual skins, you might see yellowish dust that is left on surfaces as they molt. You may also see yellow stains in books, papers, and cardboard boxes indicating that silverfish have been there.

    If a silverfish infestation is suspected or found, it’s best to call Hire Us 4 Pest Control a licensed pest control professional where their expert team of technicians properly inspect your premises and recommend the appropriate treatment method.

    Habits of silverfish

    • Silverfish eggs are commonly hidden in tiny cracks or crevices, making them extremely difficult to locate.
    • Silverfish prefer warm, humid places such as bathrooms and kitchens and are especially attracted to paper and damp clothing.
    • They feed on carbohydrates, especially sugars and starches.

    Why Hire Us 4 Pest Control for silverfish prevention and control?

    Hire Us 4 Pest Control provides you with a thorough inspection of preferred habitat areas and where suitable food resources are available is the key to silverfish management. If the infestation is located on the inside, it can be presumed to be recent and either brought in through infested artefacts or to reflect a recent outside invasion. If the infestation is widespread, then attention to the outside should be directed.

    As silverfish can easily climb up walls and find entrance around window and door frames, service pipes and vents, anything placed against or close to the outside of the house must be moved or removed. Shake roofs should also be washed every other year and sealed.

    Threats of silverFish

    Silverfish are mainly a nuisance pest. Indoors, they can cause property damage by chewing holes in clothing, upholstery and paper goods, such as wallpaper and books. This is why it is vital to get rid of silverfish from pest control experts like Hire Us 4 Pest Control if you are dealing with an infestation.

    Silverfish are not dangerous to humans, but they can attract more dangerous bugs to your home, cause damage to your belongings, and even cause allergies in some individuals. For these reasons, silverfish infestations should be taken seriously. One of the easiest methods of prevention is to ensure that you are caught up with your yearly pest control inspections and treatments.

    Hire Us 4 Pest Control can help you prevent silverfish, as well as identify and treat a current infestation, and more pests which cause yearly damage around your premises.

    Worried about getting invaded by a silverfish in your property?

    Get in touch with Hire Us 4 Pest Control for more information and to get started with your customised Silverfish pest control plan.

How Hire Us 4 Pest Control can help?

If termites invade and begin to infest the structure the year after treatment, this is not due to termiticide degradation but instead, because the pests have found an untreated gap in the chemical barrier. To protect your property from a termite infestation Hire Us 4 Pest Control advises you to have a regular pest control inspection.

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Get a professional exterminator, and a good one. You should also be working with a termite exterminator professionally licensed and trained to handle your issues with termite.

Take your time in choosing a Termite service provider. Some companies who seek to manipulate you to sign a contract with offers or scare tactics immediately. The overall quality of the job depends less on the sales person than the individual who ultimately does the work. Safe and effective termite treatment requires an experienced technician, not someone hired a few weeks ago.

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