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    Flies Pest Control Services

    Flies are a national nuisance. There are about 30,000 different species of flies in Australia. They contaminate food, dirty surfaces and spread disease to humans and animals. Flies feed by vomiting on their food source prior to eating. They consume decaying matter, carcasses, garbage and faeces. It’s no wonder they are the number one pest in both domestic and commercial settings.

    In a wide range of breeding practises, flies can be found. Grounds that involve trees, soil, organic decay, water, matter, on other species and on the most important food for consumption by humans. The flies owing to their ability to transmit, are a carrier of pest diseases such as salmonella, hepatitis, dysentery.

    When it comes to professional pest flies control, inspection is the key to sanitation. It is vital to uncover the breeding ground source to stop the spread of larvae. Professional pest removal companies like Hire Us 4 Pest Control team are trained to identify the fly species and know where to inspect and what to look for.

    Common signs of flies infestation

    • Small dark patches of spots, looking at ceilings and other overhead structures and wall surfaces (the size of a pinhead). Check areas where waste can accumulate that are hard to thoroughly clean, such as drainage channels and drains. It is also important to track gully traps and areas around sinks and below damaged floor tiling.
    • Daily fly detection-there could be a more severe issue with large numbers of flies buzzing around garbage dump areas and the base of wheelie bins or other waste containers. Check water pools, like guttering, tyres or old equipment, wherever they are. Waterlogged pot plants can attract flies as well.
    • The flies in their larval stage may suggest a possible breeding site on your land. Maggots In waste areas and rotting food, you can discover maggots.

    Fly Facts to consider:

    • Adult flies are between 5 and 8 mm in weight.
    • Gray thorax with four thin bands.
    • Yellow abdomen or Buff.
    • Filled with tiny hairs that function as organs for taste.
    • With thousands of lenses, complex compound eyes give them a broad field of vision.
    • 4th twisted wing vein and slightly pointed tips of the wing.
    • The larva is white and tapers at the end of the head to a point. At the hind end, there are 2 spiracle “spots” which are legless and 12 mm long when ripe.

    How to get rid of flies?

    A female can lay between 400-600 eggs during a fly ‘s lifetime (around 30 days). Based on this reality, it is easy to see how, if you do nothing to control flies, a small problem can easily turn into a large infestation.

    Hiring a professional pest control company is always the best way you can get rid of flies and decrease-their numbers on your property once a problem has been found.

    How Hire Us 4 Pest Control eliminates flies out of your premises?

    Exclusion: In order to avoid the entry of flies into a house. The team of Hire Us 4 Pest Control will be perfoming proofing of doors, windows, roof vents, etc.

    Restriction: General good housekeeping practises to minimise potential locations for fly breeding.

    Destruction: Use the particular circumstances with the right flies removal and control procedure. Monitoring-During routine visits, inspection.

    Why choose Hire Us 4 Pest Control for your fly infestation?

    FREE consultation: about your home or commercial business

    Identification: of fly species- deliver the custom and right fly control solution to attack the invading species

    The most effective: focused files control solutions customised to your needs. It can be supported by our expert team of field technicians and pest control professionals.

    Secure, tailored treatments: Our pest removal techniques offer safe and efficient treatments in combination with our control measures.

    Your Hire Us 4 Pest Control specialist will prescribe a fly control treatment programme specifically for your needs after a survey of your premises is completed. More, or a combination, of the following may be included:

    • Baiting
    • Misting
    • Larviciding
    • Fly Bags

    Find out more about our flies treatments and call the experts at Hire Us 4 Pest Control today.

How Hire Us 4 Pest Control can help?

If termites invade and begin to infest the structure the year after treatment, this is not due to termiticide degradation but instead, because the pests have found an untreated gap in the chemical barrier. To protect your property from a termite infestation Hire Us 4 Pest Control advises you to have a regular pest control inspection.

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Our technicians will thoroughly go over your property internally and externally looking for signs of infestation and any damages to the property that may indicate the pest activity. Taking notes of ant trails, holes in the property, paying specific attention to eaves, vents and other cracks and crevices. Also, looking for any animal caticity such as nesting material or feces. The technician will then discuss the issue with you and provide a quote and recommendation.

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We have a separately designed policy for aftercare where we make sure our treatment is 100% effective and does not relapse back.

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Why choose Hire Us 4 Pest Control?

Australian Law advises you to employ a professional pest company with sufficient insurance cover. For example, it is essential to have a license to use different pesticides for the treatment and inspection services. Also, it is prudent to ask what kind of chemicals the company will use.

Get a professional exterminator, and a good one. You should also be working with a termite exterminator professionally licensed and trained to handle your issues with termite.

Take your time in choosing a Termite service provider. Some companies who seek to manipulate you to sign a contract with offers or scare tactics immediately. The overall quality of the job depends less on the sales person than the individual who ultimately does the work. Safe and effective termite treatment requires an experienced technician, not someone hired a few weeks ago.

  • Professionally licenced, trained and experienced team
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  • Long lasting pest solutions
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