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    Bird Control & Nest Removal Service

    Did you know that birds, their droppings and nesting can carry over 60 transmittable diseases and ectoparasites? These diseases are transferred easily to humans and animals. Bird control is an extremely sensitive area of pest management and at Hire Us 4 Pest Control, we understand this sensitivity. We assist you in reducing the presence of problem birds in both your residential and commercial property.

    Our buildings provide warmth, shelter, moisture and food for birds. Birds become a huge problem when they decide to roost or nest in our buildings. Some of the bird species are a true nuisance to not only homes but also businesses. The bird species that are considered as pests in our country are as follows:

    • Pigeons
    • Indian Mynas
    • House Sparrows
    • Starlings

    The longer these bird populations are left untreated and allowed to nest, more will be the damage caused. Additionally, delaying bird control can cause difficulty in getting rid of them easily. It is, therefore, important to choose professional assistance.

    Humane & effective professional bird control measures

    There are ample reasons to choose professional bird control services. An effective pest control service like Hire Us 4 Pest Control will make use of reliable and tested methods for bird control. We are an expert pest control team when it comes to effective bird control techniques. We have an array of discreet, cost-effective and humane control measures that wouldn’t harm these pests in any way.

    Some of our bird control measures are as follows:

    Bird Proofing Using Netting Solution: Hire Us 4 Pest Control offers the best bird-proof netting solution. Our nets are secured to your existing outdoor structure. It is barely visible to the naked eye and therefore our netting does not detract from the building. We do not use any kind of technology, chemicals, or ugly erections to get rid of your bird problem.

    Bird Repellents & Deterrents: We are your ideal choice when it comes to bird problem solution through bird repellents and deterrents. Hire Us 4 Pest Control provides you with effective, affordable and innovative bird issue solutions. We have a wide range of quality bird deterrents that won’t harm the birds or the environment. Our team would assist you in selecting the best bird control solution based on your exact requirement.

    Bird Spikes: Today, one of the most effective methods of repelling birds from a distance is using bird spikes. Bird spikes are a humane method of bird control. It is one of the quickest and easiest ways to eliminate nuisance birds.

    Bird Nest Removal: Birds nests are usually found in gutters and decks of both domestic and commercial premises. Hire Us 4 Pest Control are experts when it comes to bird nest removal. Our team will effectively assist you without causing any damage to your property.

    Why choose professional help for bird control?

    Birds are known to cause serious problems. They not only carry diseases and ectoparasites through their nesting materials but also cause damage to your property. Dealing with the bird issue can save both time and money. Common bird problems are as under

    Damage to Property: Bird droppings are highly acidic and they can corrode and stain a building. In addition to this, droppings and nesting materials clog drains and gutters.

    Expensive Clean-Up: Birds droppings if not cleaned up quickly can become hazardous and would cause a big hole in your pockets for clean-ups. Regular clean up of bird dropping also causes Australian business thousands a year, making it one of the costliest liability.

    Food Contamination: Birds, as well as their droppings, can cause contamination to food and other valuable inventory when they nest in your residential or commercial property.

    Proactive action is the best action. It is, therefore, important to choose a professional bird pest control and management solutions.

    Why Hire Us 4 Pest Control for your bird removal and infestation?

    At Hire Us 4 Pest Control, we first inspect your property and then select the best bird control solution. We opt for a step-by-step procedure to provide the best solution. We not only provide you with professional assistance but there are also many other reasons to rope in Hire Us 4 Pest Control for your bird nesting problem.

    Affordable Services: Hire Us 4 Pest Control provides bird management and control services at extremely affordable prices. We have no-call out charge and also provide a free quote for the pest control job.

    Reliable and Eco-friendly Care: Our team is well-trained and extremely reliable. We use only friendly and humane methods for bird control issues at your property. Our methods are efficient and safe for your children and pets.

    On-Time & Same Day Service: Our team believes in customer satisfaction at 100%. Our team is punctual and is always on-time every time. We also provide you with same day service.

    Long-Term Warranty: We understand that you do not want the pest issue to come back ever and therefore we provide you with a warranty. Hire Us 4 Pest Control provides a long term warranty on all pests control job including the bird control and management.

    When to Call a Bird Control Specialist

    Seeing a bird outside is nice, but having them in your attic or chimney can be a real nuisance. But how do you know when a simple DIY approach won’t suffice and it’s time to call the professionals? Here are some telltale signs:

    Large Numbers or Persistent Activity: Excessive chirps or droppings may signal a bird infestation.

    Signs of Damage: Bird-caused property damage like chewed wires or nesting debris warrants expert attention.

    Aggressive Bird Behaviour: Beware of protective bird species; seek professional help if feeling threatened.

    Health Concerns: Bird droppings can carry health risks; professional removal is essential for large populations.

    Difficult Access or Specialised Techniques: Tricky nests or specific bird species require expert removal methods and equipment.

    And when the need arises, turn to Hire Us 4 Pest Control for getting professional help.

How Hire Us 4 Pest Control can help?

If termites invade and begin to infest the structure the year after treatment, this is not due to termiticide degradation but instead, because the pests have found an untreated gap in the chemical barrier. To protect your property from a termite infestation Hire Us 4 Pest Control advises you to have a regular pest control inspection.

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Our technicians will thoroughly go over your property internally and externally looking for signs of infestation and any damages to the property that may indicate the pest activity. Taking notes of ant trails, holes in the property, paying specific attention to eaves, vents and other cracks and crevices. Also, looking for any animal caticity such as nesting material or feces. The technician will then discuss the issue with you and provide a quote and recommendation.

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We have a separately designed policy for aftercare where we make sure our treatment is 100% effective and does not relapse back.

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Why choose Hire Us 4 Pest Control?

Australian Law advises you to employ a professional pest company with sufficient insurance cover. For example, it is essential to have a license to use different pesticides for the treatment and inspection services. Also, it is prudent to ask what kind of chemicals the company will use.

Get a professional exterminator, and a good one. You should also be working with a termite exterminator professionally licensed and trained to handle your issues with termite.

Take your time in choosing a Termite service provider. Some companies who seek to manipulate you to sign a contract with offers or scare tactics immediately. The overall quality of the job depends less on the sales person than the individual who ultimately does the work. Safe and effective termite treatment requires an experienced technician, not someone hired a few weeks ago.

  • Professionally licenced, trained and experienced team
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