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    Bed Bugs Pest Control and Treatment Melbourne

    Bed bugs are small wingless insects that belong to the Cimicidae family. The insect’s name comes from the common areas where the humans take rest. Places that the bed bugs live include corners in the rooms, bedrooms, beds, and commercial places such as cinemas or theatre. They are fast movers who can’t fly, but they are quick to escape when exposed to light.

    Bed bugs are mainly nocturnal, resting during the day and completing most of their feeding at night. These insects are attracted by warmth and the presence of carbon dioxide (which humans breathe out) and thus, we get bitten at night.

    Most bedbug bites are painless, but later turn into itchy welts. Unlike other flea bites that are mainly around the ankles, bedbug bites are on any area of skin exposed while sleeping at night. If you wake up with itchy areas you didn’t have when you went to sleep, you may have bed bug.

    One of the most effective ways to track the Bed Bugs infestation is with the help of professional pest control services. Their role plays a pivotal part in eradicating all stages of bed bug lifecycle. Being an Australian based pest control company, Hire Us 4 Pest Control provides comprehensive bed bug control service knowledge and experience.

    Where can you find Bed Bugs?

    Bed bug populations have exploded in recent times. They can live up to six months at room temperature and can survive for long periods of time without a blood meal.

    The main reason for the increase is thought to be due to insecticide resistance; modern bed bugs are highly resilient to many of the commonly used insecticides. Other contributing factors include the increase in bed bugs being spread in luggage, shoes and clothing. Once acquired at high turnover accommodation, the hitchhiking bed bugs may then be transported and brought back to the homes of guests in their luggage. This can allow for a new bed bugs infestation to occur inside the home.

    Bed Bugs Come From:

    • Suitcases
    • Boxes
    • Unclean Clothes
    • Bags
    • Baseboards
    • Electrical Switch Plates
    • Beddings
    • Box Spring
    • Backside of headboard
    • Secluded places
    • Carpets and underlay
    • Skirting boards
    • Between Timber floorboards

    Signs of Bed Bugs Infestation:

    Dark/dark stains: Blood stains on your sheets, pillowcases or on the mattress and surrounding area.

    Sweet fragrance: A disgusting, sweet, sickly fragrance.

    Small black stains: Tiny dark bloodstains, known as “faecal pellets,” on bedding.

    Live insects: It is possible to see live-bed bugs and shed skins despite being small (adult bugs are only 4-5 mm long).

    Bed Bug bite symptoms:

    People are the ideal host for bed bugs and grab onto the exposed skin as the host sleeps. Even if the bite is painless when the attack is made, most people experience an allergic saliva reaction transmitted during the bite. That is why bites get red, itchy and swollen. Bites are typically present in patterns or small clusters. This may be a warning that the bites come from bugs in the bed and not from some epidemic.

    But some people never respond to bites, making it difficult to recognise an infestation of a bed bug. Following periods of prolonged exposure, humans can reach a stage where their reaction is no longer present or can become more serious.

    You can hire a pest control professional who can help identify infested areas. Pest exterminators from Hire Us 4 Pest Control are equipped with the knowledge of where these critters usually hide. They can help remove them in an efficient and effective manner.

    Bed Bug species & appearance

    • Bed bugs are around 5 to 6mm long before a blood meal extending to about 7mm when fully engorged.
    • Oval and flattened from back to underside with thick, well-developed legs.
    • Bed bugs do not have wings.
    • Their mouths are pointed for piercing and sucking.
    • Adult bed bugs are rusty red-brown in colour.
    • Eggs are whitish cream, getting darker as they hatch to larvae.
    • Their shed skins are lighter brown and look like flaky exoskeletons.

    Hire Us 4 Pest Control will inspect & treat

    • Bed frame and slats
    • Mattresses
    • PowerPoint Behind pictures
    • Carpet and edges
    • Floorboards
    • Behind electrical equipment
    • Anywhere deemed necessary

    Why Choose Hire Us 4 Pest Control for beds bugs control?

    Our Process:
    • Inspect: Our technicians carry out thorough inspection of the rooms infested including beds, bed heads, mattresses, furniture, windowsills, skirting boards etc in depth.
    • Environmentally Safe Chemical Spray: Direct application on bed frames, mattresses, tapestries and all potential cracks and crevices is carried out.
    • Follow Up: In the course of 7-10 days after the first chemical application, the eggs that have recently flown and the growth of the numbers must be controlled.
    Our Technicians:
    • Our pest control service is safe for children, pets, pregnant women and persons with allergy.
    • Our technicians are verified, highly skilled and trained. Choose Hire Us 4 Pest Control over conventional methods for bed bug control treatment – our method is to eradicate the root of the problem, rather than just eliminate the surface nuisance.
    • Best-in-class Bed Bug control services.
    • No hidden charges
    • Reliable, qualified, educated technicians
    • Eco-friendly and effective pesticides to eradicate

How Hire Us 4 Pest Control can help?

If termites invade and begin to infest the structure the year after treatment, this is not due to termiticide degradation but instead, because the pests have found an untreated gap in the chemical barrier. To protect your property from a termite infestation Hire Us 4 Pest Control advises you to have a regular pest control inspection.

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Our technicians will thoroughly go over your property internally and externally looking for signs of infestation and any damages to the property that may indicate the pest activity. Taking notes of ant trails, holes in the property, paying specific attention to eaves, vents and other cracks and crevices. Also, looking for any animal caticity such as nesting material or feces. The technician will then discuss the issue with you and provide a quote and recommendation.

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Australian Law advises you to employ a professional pest company with sufficient insurance cover. For example, it is essential to have a license to use different pesticides for the treatment and inspection services. Also, it is prudent to ask what kind of chemicals the company will use.

Get a professional exterminator, and a good one. You should also be working with a termite exterminator professionally licensed and trained to handle your issues with termite.

Take your time in choosing a Termite service provider. Some companies who seek to manipulate you to sign a contract with offers or scare tactics immediately. The overall quality of the job depends less on the sales person than the individual who ultimately does the work. Safe and effective termite treatment requires an experienced technician, not someone hired a few weeks ago.

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