Pest control is a time-consuming process as it needs repetitive measures to eradicate the problem from the base level.

The treatment time would be different for each type of treatment. For instance, if it’s a rodent treatment then it would be taking a longer time than usual but if it’s an ants treatment then the time it would need fewer repetitions or rounds of application.

In total, the time can be assumed between 3 to 6 hours.

During the pest treatment, all we need is some space to perform it with ease. For this, we advise vacating the area around before starting the treatment.

Though we use environmentally safe solutions for the treatment, it is best to cover any food items, medicine packets, liquid items away from the infected area.

We use only authentic and safe liquids which are good for human health. All the instructions will be provided to you and your family members at the time of booking as well as when our staff arrives at your place for treatment purposes.

However, we would advise not to take the liquids in hand and purposely try to check it. The best way is to maintain a safe distance and be safe overall.

In the end, the solutions do have basic chemicals that help in killing them permanently as well as not allowing the pests to reside on that surface again.

The liquids aren’t harmful to pregnant women but it is best to keep a safe distance from the area of treatment as some of the ladies do face nausea and vomiting problems through particular smells.

Also, we would like to know all the details in advance while booking in case she is allergic to any specific medication. It will help us in understanding better and would be able to perform the treatment accordingly.

Children below the age of 12 are quite sensitive to such pest treatments. However, all our pest control solutions are designed in a way that it can be used easily around children.

In case, they are allergic to any particular smell or liquid, do let us know in advance and we shall replace it with another kind of liquid.

We also recommend removing your pets from the area during treatment. No matter if you have Birds in a mobile cage or a fish aquarium, they should also be moved away from the area being treated.

Generally, yearly or within 6 months inspection is the best way to minimise the termite infestation and other pest problems. Depending on the type of property and pest problems, regular treatment may be required.

This will vary greatly depending on the type of pest and the level of infestation. Most pest control companies will give you a price for a standard pest treatment but make sure you understand exactly what you are getting for that price. We at Hire Us 4 Pest Control provide a customised and affordable pest control treatments as per the client’s needs and pest problems.

Our pest control treatments will completely reduce the pest infestation and you will experience a strong reduction in the level of pests although total elimination may take several days. So it’s advisable to get preventative pest control treatments when the season transits as certain pests move out during a particular season.

At Hire Us 4 Pest Control, we know the pests more than you. Trust us for the quality pest control services and become worry free.

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